Known iOS 17 Upgrade Issues and Resolutions

First, if you have updated to iOS17 make sure you are on the very most recent release.  Please see below for additional information.

Presto 3 uDNS advertisement

Issue:  There is a known issue with uDNS printer advertisement to iOS 17 devices.   This is documented as a bug by Apple.

Resolution:  Please update to iOS17.2 or newer.

PrestoGo mDNS - Blank pages printed.

  • More iOS17 fun...  After an update to iOS17 we have reports of blank pages being printed from the PHOTOS App.  Touch "select printer" to populate ALL printers, you may see a DUPLICATE printer set.  The differentiator is that one has a VISIBLE url http:// xx.x.x.x.x.x.  and one does not.  Choose the printer that DOES NOT have the visible URL.  In our testing this printer DOES print from the photos app.
  • We are getting more info as each day passes and we now have a reasonable level of confidence that "older" generation iOS devices are handling the 17 upgrade differently than newer generation devices. For example we have a customer who has an older device that is on iOS17.2 as well as an iphone15 on iOS 17.2. The 15 prints fine and the older prints a blank page.  We have seen numerous articles online how users are NOT able to simply print to an AirPrint printers after the 17 update (unrelated to PrestoGO).  When different generation devices are having different results with the same OS, we don't anticipate being able to address a situation where different generations of devices on the same OS version act differently.  If you have not updated to iOS17, and have an older phone, you might wait.  If you have updated, then you might look to make sure you have the most recent version in anticipation of Apple possibly addressing this.

Presto SOHO

Issue: Presto SOHO may not work with iOS17.  

Resolution:  Please install and license PrestoGO (you will need to create a new PrestoGO account).   Notify support of your PrestoGO upgrade and we will issue a refund of your most recent Presto SOHO purchase.


1- Uninstall Presto SOHO.  

2- Delete folders:   c:\programdata\collobos. c:\programfiles\collobos and then reinstall and try again.  

3- Install PrestoGO from this link

4- Create new account

5- Purchase and license will remove watermark.

6-Reboot all iPads prior to attempting to print again to clear cache.

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