Presto User Guide

A Guide to the Presto interface for non-administrative users.

Table of Contents
My Jobs
Printing to a Secure Release station

Note: This User Guide applies to functionality found in Presto 2.6 and only covers the most basic of troubleshooting. Please contact your Network Administrator or IT Support Team if you are experiencing any problems printing.


Logging in to the Presto App

After launching the application, it will attempt to discover the Presto Server.  If it is unable to do so, it will give you the option to scan a QR Code, which will provide configuration information.  Please contact your IT Administrator for assistance in accessing the QR Code

Upon accessing the Presto Server, you will need to login using one of these options:

  • Username and Password - The same information you use to login to the network
  • Guest - Login for Guest access
  • PIN - If supported, contact your System Administrator
Presto Menu
Item Description
Site Name Appears just below your login name
About Presto Shows the version number of Presto 
Logout Logs out the currently logged in user

My Jobs

My Jobs is designed to be used in conjunction with Secure Release / Presto Station and lists all Print Jobs created by the User.  After printing to the Magic Queue printer a users will see all jobs pending release.

Held Jobs

While in a held state a you can do the following:

  • Release the print job to the printer.
  • Modify the attributes of the print job.
  • Delete the print job.

Pending jobs not released within 24 hours are deleted automatically from the queue.

Printing to a Secure Release station


To print, a select Magic Queue as your printer.  The print jobs will be sent to the queue and stay therestay in the queue until it is released at a Presto Secure Release Station.

Releasing via Scan

With your own device - Scan the QR code (that is affixed to the printer or displayed on the tablet) with your mobile device, either by opening your camera (if native QR code scanning is supported by your device)

With the Presto app - Select My Jobs, select the print job you want to release to the printer...

Releasing via Authentication

Login to the tablet using your network credentials or PIN code.

Note: PIN code support requires a directory provider plugin.


QR Code Scanning is not working
  • If scanning with the Presto App: 
    • Be sure camera permissions are turned on for the Presto app.
    • Be sure you are logged into the Presto App.  
  • If using native Scanning: 
    • Be sure the mobile OS supports native QR scanning.
    • Be sure you have successfully logged in to the browser.

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