Presto Enterprise and Presto SOHO

Product and Support status for Presto SOHO and Presto Enterprise from Collobos Software.


Product Status Available on request
Activation Status via license portal
Support Status Customer Support Available


For customers with a valid license the watermark can be removed by re-licensing the software.  Open the software program on the installed computer. Select REGISTER.  Enter the account email address and account password to re-register.

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Presto v1.7.772 (PC) Release Date 8/10/2015

Upgrading to Presto 2

In addition to the hassle-free printing you came to expect from Presto SOHO and Enterprise, Presto 2 offers a reliable and feature-rich printing platform that is ideal for businesses, schools and any environments that would benefit from simplification and a significant reduction in printing-related support issues.

Upgrading to Presto 2 from Presto Enterprise

Presto Enterprise customers will be provided an upgrade to Presto 2 for the remainder of the paid term. Please note that upgrading to Presto 2 will require a full re-install and re-deployment.

For more details about Presto 2, give us a look at

To purchase a license for Presto 2, contact Collobos Support.

Upgrading to Presto 2 from Presto SOHO

Presto SOHO is a basic product, limited in features and designed for very basic environments. If you would like to move to the full-featured Presto 2 we will be happy to provide a full refund for the most recent charge and a new Presto 2 license can be purchased from

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