Reset Console Password

How  to reset the Presto Console Password.  

  • Close the Presto Console Application
  • Open a Windows Command line window using "Run as administrator" on the Presto Server host machine.
  • Within that command line window:

# To stop the presto services issue the commands:

net stop "Presto Repeater"
net stop "Presto Agent"
net stop "Presto Master"

# (optional) To backup the database, issue the commands:

copy c:\Programdata\Collobos\Presto\data c:\ProgramData\Collobos\Presto\data_%random:~-4%.bck
# To backup the database, just in case, issue the commands:

"C:\Program Files\Collobos\Presto\prestod64.exe" --master --reset-admin-password

(An error may print indicating a database close error. Ignore this error)

# To restart the Presto Services, issue the following commands:

net start "Presto Master"
net start "Presto Agent"
net start "Presto Repeater"

  • Open the Presto Console application and login with the username/password of admin/admin
  • Goto PREFERENCES and set a unique password for the server.

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