Upgrading from Presto v1 to Presto 2.x

Presto 2 is significantly different than Presto v1.  As such, it requires a complete uninstall/reinstall and re-deployment.


  • TAKE A SNAPSHOT OF PRESTO SERVER/S AND DNS SERVERS in case it is necessary to roll back changes.
  • Take screenshots of the namespaces and printers tab to reference when setting-up Presto 2.

Please utilize the following to get up and running with Presto 2.


1 - Presto 2 can NOT be installed over Presto V1. Completely remove Presto V1.

  • Open Presto v1 on the server. 
  • Go ahead and quit Presto v1.
  • Then complete a full uninstall Presto V1. 

2 - Delete the following folders and empty the recycle bin:

  • C:\ProgramData\Collobos  (hidden folder)
  • C:\ProgramFiles\Collobos

3 - If you configured DNS for Presto V1 iOS printing, you will also need to delete the 2 existing PTR records that reside within each Reverse Look-up Zone for the subnets where printer discovery has occurred.  Presto 2 will need to re-create new PTR records that are unique to Presto 2.

4-(Existing delegations and any generic PTR records can be deleted after completing the Presto 2 deployment).  Step 4 does not need to be completed prior to deploying Presto 2.  If it is necessary to roll-back changes, it will be less work.


If you are in a single subnet/no site DNS the default set-up should be sufficient. 

For multi-subnet environments, please leverage these resources to deploy Presto 2. 


These video’s walk through the DNS set-up and correspond to the attached attached set-up steps.  It’s super short. http://collobos.com/videos.html


  1. Presto 2 Overview
  2. Set-up uDNS
  3. Configuring Print Services


Presto Server

Windows - https://download.collobos.com/presto25/files/win/PrestoServerSetup.exe

Mac - https://download.collobos.com/presto25/files/mac/PrestoServerSetup.pkg


    I am an existing Presto v1 Enterprise customer.  Can I upgrade to Presto 2?

    Yes, Presto Enterprise customers will be provided an upgrade to Presto 2 for the balance of the paid term. Presto v1 is very different so this is not an automatic upgrade and an install of v2 over v1 will not work without new configuration.  .  

    Contact support@collobos.com for a Presto 2 license and configuration instructions.

    I am an existing Presto v1 SOHO customer.  Can I upgrade to Presto 2?

    SOHO is a basic product designed for very basic environments. If you would like to move to Presto 2 which is fully featured and designed for larger more complex environments we will provide a full refund for the most recent charge and a new Presto 2 license can be purchased off our site.

    All Presto 2 Resources



    Let us know if you have questions, we are here to help.

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