Presto 2 FAQ

How is Presto 2 licensed?

Presto 2 is licensed per user. User tiers will be 50, 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2500, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000.

What is a user?    

A user is counted when a person actively makes use of the software.  Users/directory users are not counted until this time.

Authenticated:  A user is a unique identity in the directory. 
Unauthenticated: A user is per device IP address.  

eg.  A person with 3 devices is counted as one (1) user so long as the same creds are used on all devices. Guest (unauthenticated) users are counted per device IP address.  

An inactive user (authenticated or unauthenticated) is purged from the user count in Presto after 30 days of inactivity.


How do I purchase Presto 2?

A license can be purchased from our store:

To purchase with a PO please send your PO to and the order will be promptly processed for you.

Is there education pricing?    

Yes, there is both corporate and education/non-profit pricing tiers.  

What is Presto 2?

Presto is a robust solution for enterprise mobile printing.  Presto integrates with a corporate network's DNS servers leveraging one-of-a-kind cross platform technology.  Presto works the same across iOS, OS X, Android, and Chrome OS.  Presto is the premier solution for mobile printing with Magic Queue (pull printing), QR Code Scan release, Printer Geolocation, AD Print Management Integration and more.  Supported Client Operating Systems: iOS 8+, OS X 10.9+, Android 4.4.2+, Chrome 44+.  Presto 2 Features

Is Presto SOHO or Enterprise still available?  

Sorry, Presto v1 (SOHO/Enterprise) is no longer available.

I am an existing Presto Enterprise customer.  Can I upgrade to Presto 2?

Yes, Presto Enterprise customers will be provided an upgrade to Presto 2 for the balance of the paid term. Presto v1 is very different so this is not an automatic upgrade and an install of v2 over v1 will not work without new configuration.  .  

Contact for a Presto 2 license and configuration instructions.

I am an existing Presto SOHO customer.  Can I upgrade to Presto 2?

SOHO is a basic product designed for very basic environments. If you would like to move to Presto 2 which is fully featured and designed for larger more complex environments we will provide a full refund for the most recent charge and a new Presto 2 license can be purchased off our site.


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