FingerPrint v1/v2


Status: Discontinued/End of Life.  

The FingerPrint series of Products were discontinued in 2013. Once licensed, the FingerPrint software never talks to the activation server again. FingerPrint is no longer supported and the activation server has been decommissioned.  We hope you have enjoyed this software.

Option 1: Purchase Presto < 10 User Corporate License:

  1. Visit the store:
  2. Click to Select 10 User Corporate license. 
  3. Proceed with purchase. 
  4. Download and install Presto. 
Note: Presto 10 User Corporate is fully Supported, however, it is designed specifically for Corporate and Academic users. Collobos does not currently provide software for home users. 

Option 2 - Uninstall FingerPrint (Mac only):

  1. From FINDER, drag "/Applications/" to the trash.
  2. From FINDER, locate FingerPrint folder. 
  3. Hold down Shift + Command + G
  4. Drag FingerPrint folder to trash.
  5. Empty trash.

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