Router/Firewall symptoms are very similar.  Below you will find Firewall Troubleshooting steps.  Disabling a firewall is often insufficient to test if that is the culprit. We suggest temporarily completely uninstalling 3rd party firewall software to eliminate it as a variable.  If after uninstalling you still have symptoms then it is likely a router setting/compatibility problem.


  • You can print once or twice and then the printers disappear on your iOS
  • It looks like you are printing from your iOS but then nothing happens
  • Printers don't show up on your iOS. 


  • Make sure inbound and outbound traffic is permitted: 
  • TCP 6631 is open and allowed for FingerPrint
  • UDP 5353 is open and allowed for Bonjour


  • Your router must support Bonjour and Multicast for FingerPrint to work. Not every router supports multicast and Bonjour. 
  • Make sure Multicast is Enabled/Allowed on your router.  This is often found under advanced settings on your router control panel.  Verbage of settings vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • Unsure how to access your router control panel.  Please contact your Router Company Support.
  • If you have an WAP or Range Extender and you are getting "No AirPrinter Found", be sure to connect to the Router ONLY to troubleshoot.
  • Many Range Extenders DO NOT support Multicast
  • Micro routers can be especially problematic. 

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