Actiontec - Verizon FIOS

If you have this router it may be necessary to login to the router settings and Turn the IGMP Proxy OFF

This article will walk you through problem solving this router.


Detailed Instructions from a FIOS customer:

In the ActionTec router, I logged in, clicked on "Advanced", responded YES
to the "Do you want to proceed?" warning, clicked on "IGMP Proxy", and for
the item IGMP Proxy (Enable/Disable)" I selected Disabled. Saved everything 
and so far fingerprint has worked and nothing else seems to be broken yet.

Just want to provide an update in case anyone else has this same problem.
Maybe an automatic update to the firmware of the router changed something, I 
don't know. All I know is that it is now working. I did go in and enabled 
IGMP Proxy and immediately it stopped working. Disabled and it started. 
After searching for what this was I found:

The purpose of IGMP proxy is to enable a multicast router to learn multicast
group membership information and be able to forward multicast packets based 
upon the group membership information. The IGMP Proxy is capable of 
functioning only in certain topologies that does not require Multicast 
Routing Protocols (i.e. DVMRP, PIM-DM, and PIM-SM) and have a tree-like 
topology, as there is no support for features like spanning tree to correct 
packet route loops.

The proxy contains many downstream interfaces and a unique upstream 
interface explicitly configured. It performs the host side of the IGMP 
protocol on its upstream interface and the router side of the IGMP protocol 
on its downstream interfaces.

The IGMP proxy offers a mechanism for multicast forwarding based only upon 
IGMP membership information. The router has to decide about forwarding 
packets on each of its interfaces based on the IGMP membership information. 
The proxy creates the forwarding entries based on the membership information 
and adds it to the multicast forwarding cache (MFC) in order not to make the 
forwarding decision for subsequent multicast packets with same combination 
of source and group.

This tells me that it only works in a non-multicast environment - which 
also means to me that it may disable multicasting. Hence, turning it off 
enables multicasting.

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