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What worked for me was to enter VIPRE, go to the Firewall settings and reset it to "Defaults" and then to "Learning Mode". I then also permitted the UDP (not the TCP) port 5354 for the PrintKit Services app. I had to "allow" and create a number of "rules" for the resulting warnings. Following this, I then able to connect the iPad using Print in my QuickOffice app and it showed all my printers. I then reset the VIPRE Firewall back to simple mode and the connection continued to work.

Vipre Firewall blocking operation. Application rules set to allow Presto and PrintKit services, and MDNSResponder (Bonjour). Port rules set to allow TCP 6631 in both directions for Presto and PrintKit Services, and UDP 5353 for MDNSResponder (Bonjour) in both directions. Also added TCP 5354 for both Fingerprint and Fingerprint services. 
Turn firewall off, everything works, turn on, no printers show on IOS devices. No blocking messages from firewall.  This will have to be a question for Vipre...

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