Norton / Norton 360

1 - In Norton 360 there is an option to amend the firewall rule for specific applications from Auto to Allow.  Allow all in and out traffic in the Program Rules:

 GO TO Settings/Network/Smart Firewall/Program Rules
  • Presto
  • PrintKit
  • Bonjour
2 - We have seen that the following might be necessary. Go into the Norton Network Map and identify the printers by IP address as printers.  Make sure each networked device is identified as to laptop, media device, printer, cell phone, etc. by IP address.  

3 - We have seen the installation of Norton 360 on the host PC fail and apparently interfere with Presto.  Manually run Live Update Norton 360 and see if it generates an error code.  If it does, remove Norton 360 and Ghost.  Then try again.

4 - It may also be necessary to go into Norton 360 -> Settings -> General Settings -> Uncommon protocols -> and uncheck/disable IGMP Proxy. 

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