Symptoms of a Firewall issue

Router/Firewall symptoms are very similar.  Below you will find Firewall Troubleshooting steps.   

SYMPTOMS of a Firewall Issue:
  • You can print once or twice and then the printers disappear on your iOS
  • It looks like you are printing from your iOS but then nothing happens
  • Printers don't show up on your iOS. 
Many computer users have not only the factory firewalls but then add 3rd party firewalls and AV software to their system.  We see very few if any issues with Factory Firewalls but we regularly see issues with 3rd party firewalls.  Disabling a 3rd party firewall is often insufficient to test if this is the culprit. If you are comfortable, we suggest temporarily doing a full uninstall of 3rd party firewall software to eliminate it as a variable.  If after uninstalling you still have symptoms then it is likely a router setting/compatibility problem.


  • TCP 9631 is open and allowed for Presto.
  • UDP 5353 is open and allowed for Bonjour.
  • Make sure inbound and outbound traffic is permitted.


  • Reset your Firewall to its default settings to see if it clears.
  • Your firewall/AV may have asked for a request to "Allow Bonjour" during the installation of Presto.  If you blocked this at installation, it will cause problems.
  • Despite FingerPrint and Bonjour being allowed it may be necessary to create additional rules:
  • -XP         See article
  • -Win 7    On the PC running my FingerPrint server create a rule in Control Panel -> Windows Firewall -> Advanced Settings -> Inbound Rules -> New Rule -> Port -> Select UDP -> Input Port 5353 for Specific Local Ports -> Allow the Connection -> Select Domain/Private -> Name it Multicast DNS -> Finish.   

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