License / Subscription

Register/License Presto 2+

  1. Open the Presto Software Program on your computer.  
  2. In the first field add your serial number.

View or Reset Activations

First Login to Account
  • View Activations - Click on the license key.  Here you will see the number of activations used and the total quantity licensed.  
  • Reset Activations - Click on the license key.  Find the correct activation.  Click the RESET button.  This will deactivate the license for use on another computer or after a hardware failure.

Change Quantity/Plan or Terminate Subscription

First Login to Account
  • Terminate Subscription - Click Edit.  Uncheck "Auto-Renew" and Click SAVE. At the next billing, your subscription will terminate.
  • Change Quantity - Please email Support. 
  • Change Tier - Please email Support.

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