G Suite Console - Presto Set-up

G Suite is Sweet! Now, add robust printing for Chromebooks.

We get it, printing via the cloud introduces the potential for dropped SNMP connections, posting, polling, relaying status notifications and more… complexities not designed for in-network print hardware.   Presto’s specialized technology delivers your durable in-network print infrastructure to Chrome in a few simple steps.


-Deploy to 20 or 20,000+ in a few steps.

-Virtually no user on-boarding.

-Print via native Chrome dialogue.

-Leverage existing in-network print infrastructure without introducing new cloud complexities.

-Right printers to right users with easy rules based management.

-Includes pull printing/secure release technology.

-Support OS X and iOS printing in a few extra steps.

-Optional (but recommended) configuration includes implementing Single Sign On via your Radius server. 

Site Requirements:

Presto 2

Ports: TCP 9629 / 9630 / 9631 from the client wireless VLAN/s to Presto Server.

DHCP: DHCP must order internal DNS servers FIRST serving client devices.  eg:,, (Google DNS must be served last).

DNS: One Presto conditional forwarding record on the internal DNS server/s responding to Chrome clients.


G Suite Deployment Instructions: 

1 Login to Google Admin Console


2 Force Install the Presto App from the Chrome Store.

Additional G Suite settings to confirm

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