iOS 11 Update

Presto 2.5.x is fully compatible with changes made in iOS 11.  

If you are running an earlier version of the Presto software we recommend moving to Presto 2 at your earliest convenience if you have authentication required for printing. 

V1 Enterprise to V2 Upgrade instructions.

Moving to Presto 2 from Presto v1:

    Presto v1 - ENTERPRISE. 

    Presto Enterprise customers will be provided an upgrade to Presto 2 for the balance of the paid term. Presto v1 is very different so this is not an automatic upgrade and an install of v2 over v1 will not work without new configuration.  .  

    Contact for a Presto 2 license and configuration instructions.

    Presto v1 - SOHO.  

    SOHO is a basic product, limited in features, designed for very basic environments. If you would like to move to Presto 2 which is fully featured and designed for larger more complex environments we will provide a full refund for the most recent charge and a new Presto 2 license can be purchased off our site.

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