Directory Provider Plugins: Quick Start

Presto v2.5 can be customized to meet your specific environment and integration requirements. Customizations are made using "Plugins".

In short, Plugins provide the system administrator the ability to override default Presto / system behaviors. 

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Directory Provider Plugins allow Administrators to override how Presto authenticates its users.

By default, Presto Server utilizes the host operating system's authentication services to authenticate presto users. For instance, in a Windows Presto Server installation. Presto authenticates users using the  Windows authentication services. Presto passes the credentials (username/Password) to local operating system. The Windows checks its local users and/or Active Directory users if the server is a Domain member computer.

Directory Provider Plugins can override the authenticating authority to which users authenticate, for instance; Remote AD Domain, LDAP Server, Radius Service, a local or hosted DB, or a simple CSV or flat-file source.

Directory Provider Plugins can augment or replace your username/password authentication with PIN code authentication OR Single Sign On authentication (e.g. 802.1x)

Print Provider Plugins allow Administrators to override how Presto handles a print job. 

By default, Presto Server uses the host operating system printer services to discover printers and submit and cancel print jobs.
Print Provider Plugins can override how Presto discovers printer. For instance, querying printers across the network, or in other networks.

Print Provider Plugins can override how Presto print jobs. For instance the plugin could deny or route print jobs to specific queues based on content type, size, user preferences or resource availability. 

Ok, Enough chit chat. You came here looking for Presto Plugins.

We have developed several Plugin examples that may be useful to you out of the box OR provide you a starting point for developing a plugin to meet your specific needs. These examples, along with installation details, can be found here:

We continue to publish new examples so keep checking back. OR you can contribute your own plugin to our plugin library.

Happy Printing!
The Presto Team.

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